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Using Ethernet to carry Airbus485 over distance

I want to connect an airbus 485 compressor connecter and a SX box through ethernet and a seriel device server (Planet-ICS 2102).
What is the seriel settings, baud rate, data bits, stop bits and partity for to do this?

Hello Henrik

Can you just clarify precisely what you are aiming to do please?  Do I understand it that you have the Metacentre SX and Airbus485 connector at distance and you want to use an existing Ethernet to establish communication between the two devices?  Please confirm.

Kind regards


Yes i have the SX box and compressor at distance and want to use existing Ethernet to etablish communication.

I think that i could use 2 planet 2102 com server to etablish this communication.

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Hi Henrik

I recommend that you take a look at our Airbus / Ethernet bridge (see attached product fact sheet).  You will find the principles applied by us to be very similar to the direction you are considering.  Our network bridge has the benefit of being proven as well as having additional proprietary hardware at either end of the bridge to overcome latency issues that can arise when sustaining serial comm's over Ethernet.  Also observe that our product is provided within a dedicated industrial enclosure with suitable power supply.  As with the planet product, you would require 2 devices, each placed at either end of the Ethernet.

We are unable to offer technical advice regarding the use of other products.

I have attached our current dealer price list which confirms the sales price for the network bridge.

Kind regards