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Metacentre SX - Remote table selection

Hello there. A customer of mine has expressed an interest in being able to control a Metacentre SX via remote control, ideally over an Ethernet network. The idea is that the security officers are ultimately aware of who is onsite, and wishes to select between 2 tables, and then be able to fully shutdown the compressors. As below: 1. Full manufacturing production run (6.6BAR +- 0.3 BAR) 2. Weekend clean down (5.5 BAR) 3. Site shutdown - compressors off. The security office is approximately 150m from the plantroom/Metacentre panel, hence the desire to use the existing Ethernet network, and avoid running a dedicated cable. Can this be achieved? Can this be achieved
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Hi Daniel,

you have several options to remotely change between tables :

*Use the Auxilary Digital Input on the SX, this allows you to switch between the default table and a set table (or put system in standby)

 Note that there is a single input so you can't switch between Table 1, Table 2 and system standby

 Also note that the advised maximum distance between SX digital input and operator switch is 100 meters.

 If you want to switch multiple tables, you're best choice of sequencer would be an XC which offers dedicated digital inputs for 6 tables, system standby & system start/stop

*Using Modbus RTU communication

 You can change the active table by writing to register SetTableSelect

 This option requires that the end user has BMS that supports Modbus RTU

 use of the existing etheret network can be established if they add a Modbus TCP/IP to Modbus RTU converter.

 You will also need to expand your Metacentre system with a Modbus Gateway

*Using TX box - Cyber Console

 Our dedicated web server visualisation offers you the possiblity to modify the pressure schedule remotely (from any PC on the customers ethernet network), thus allowing you to change the active table or putting the system in standby.

 This in my opinion would be the preferred solution to your question.

 You'll need to add a TX box to your Metacentre system.

For more information & pricing, please contact your territory BDM (Pete Tomlins)

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