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Setting up the IO box to monitor dew point and dryers, and communicating with theTX


I have the IO manual, some of the instructions were clear, but not all. We are getting your standard IO box, with the default ACM’s which I think are 1 and 2 are 4-20 ma. Our dew point monitor has outputs of -112 to +68 dew point for the 4-20 ma. We want an alarm at -20 dew point. I want to know where to make a change if we need to for that set point. We want one to read on the IO box, and both to read out on the TX box. We will bring in a dry contact to close on run, and want to view that on the TX as well as the dew point and the fault. I hope I can understand how this is all set up so next time I won’t need help. How do I set this box up to do this, and then how do I set the TX to read this


It's correct the ACM 1 & 2 are 4-20mA ACM types.

In attach you can check the I/O commissioning form for the configuration of the Analog inputs 1& 2 and the Digital inputs 1 & 2. 

Value Offset - Vo : minimum value of sensor

Value Range - Vr : is the difference between min and max of sensor

I applied a multiplier of 10 on Vo en Vr to get one decimal on display & TX

Therefore : DF is set to 02

I did the same multiplier applies to alarm settings : 

Fault High level Setpoint - FH  (i.e.-200)

Fault Low level Setpoint - FL  (i.e. -1120)

Set low level alarm =  Vo setting (your minimum)

Here you can see the configuration on the TX

Example :how to set up IO1-A

Example : how to set up IO1-D

Alternatively, you can display dew point values on the system page (through IO-SYS page configuration) :

This has been a huge help, but now I have a few questions to help my understanding of all this. In the TX we have a number of information display styles. 5 is one of the gauge styles. Is there a list of all the styles with examples of the styles that we can choose from?

Next, in setting up the information from a compressor or the IO box using the Fieldbus tables, how do I know the kind of data it is? We have signed and unsigned, 4, 8, 16 and 32 bit data. I didn't see anything in the Fieldbus tables that gives that information. I have always asked for help, but I would like to know enough to figure it out myself.

What is the item right below the multiplier and decimal setting? It says FFFFFF. What is this? I see it in setting the dryer information for the IO1-A set up, but not for the setting up for the system display.

In the units listing, you have degrees Fahrenheit as a unit. Why is it in the setting underneath and not there? How do you get the proper figure for degrees Fahrenheit to put in that space?

Thank you for the help.


In attach you can find a list with the different gauge styles with the example for each number/style.

In the Fieldbus table of the product you can find the registerlength who give the information about the data.

For example registerlength 1 = 16 bit

Below the multiplier we can see "FFFFFFFF" this is a default setting that allows to read the full register.

This setting is not necessary to change.

About the units listing I have degrees Fahrenheit underneath because I need to change the value of the multiplier and if we don't put the setting underneath it's not possible to change this value.

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