The latest generation of Ingersoll Rand compressor controllers (XE 90 & XE 145) support the Airbus485 protocol and can therefore be connected to a Metacentre Master Controller without the need for an additional compressor interface card.

The drawing 'Ingersoll Rand_Xe-90M Controller_Connection Diagram.pdf' applies to both XE-90 & XE-145 controllers for rotary screw fixed speed and VSD type compressors.

Note that the female 4-pin connector to Port P9 is not factory fitted and may have to be sourced locally (Phoenix Contact Type MSTB2.5/4-ST-5.08 or compatible)

To successfully enable  Metacentre control on XE controllers, following XE controller Menu Settings have to be enabled/set : 

(note that the page on which these parameters are located may differ per model/type)

Activate (tick box) Communication Control in Operator Settings Menu - Options:

Set Compressor Airbus Address in General Settings - Protocol :

It is advisable that the XE controller software is running on the latest available IR software variant (contact your local IR distributor for more information/guidance)

DISCLAIMER : the information above and drawings attached  are guidance only. Connections and menu settings may differ with date, model, type, variant, software variant, special, custom or concession builds. This information is intended to be used in conjunction with the compressor's original control circuit diagram and controller manual.