Ingersoll Rand compressors equipped with a SG controller can be connected to a Metacentre Master Controller using an IR485 gateway (for fixed speed compressors) or IRV485 (for VSD compressors).

You need one gateway per compressor.

Please contact your local IR distributor for pricing & availability.

IR part nr 39266085 - KIT, IR-485 gateway

IR part nr 42665141 - KIT, IRV-485 gateway

Attached to this article is a connection drawing for IR-485 gateway to an IR SG controller (fixed speed).

This connection drawing also applies for IRV-485 gateway to an IR SG controller (VSD).

For DIP switch setting of IRV-485 gateway, refer to the IRV485 instruction manual.

It is advisable that the SG controller software is running on the latest available IR software variant (contact your local IR distributor for more information/guidance)

DISCLAIMER : the information above and drawings attached  are guidance only. Connections and menu settings may differ with date, model, type, variant, software variant, special, custom or concession builds. This information is intended to be used in conjunction with the compressor's original control circuit diagram and controller manual.