Attached are drawings on how to connect an Atlas Copco  (fixed speed) compressor to a Metacentre master controller using an Airbus485 compressor connector or iPCB.

Please note that connector & pin assignment may differ from compressor model to  model.

However, all Atlas Copco compressors equipped with an Elektronikon Mk5 controller can be remote load controlled in the same manner, using the 'remote/local pressure sensing' & 'remote load/:unload' inputs on the Elektronikon Mk5 controller.

Ready, Run & Alarm status feedback signals can be obtained from (optional) dedicated outputs (relays) on the Elektronikon Mk5 controller (respectively 'Automatic Operation', 'Motor running' & 'Alarm (general warning)').

Alternative connections when 'Motor running' output contact is not available is shown in drawing iPCB_Atlas Copco_GA75-90_electronikon Mk5 Graphic (2)

'Automatic Operation' output contact is typically available on most Atlas Copco control circuits. If not, look for a signal (between 12-250V ac or dc) that is present when the compressor is available to the Metacentre master controller (i.e. compressor is in a started state - for more information, refer to the Airbus485 compressor connector manual)

Alarm status feedback is optional to the Airbus485 compressor connector (or iPCB) and does not have to be connected if the 'Alarm (general warning)' output contact is not availalbe from the Atlas Copco control circuit.

IMPORTANT : by default, the 'remote/local pressure sensing' & 'remote load/:unload' control inputs on the Elektronikon Mk5 are disabled. Contact your local Atlas Copco distributor to enable remote load control inputs (Enabling these inputs requires the use of Atlas Copco configuration software and PC tools and can only be executed by official Atlas Copco dealers).

DISCLAIMER : the information above and drawings attached  are guidance only. Connections and menu settings may differ with date, model, type, variant, software variant, special, custom or concession builds. This information is intended to be used in conjunction with the compressor's original control circuit diagram and controller manual.