Q : Why is LED 9 on my TX box flashing red?

A : LED 9 will flash red when your SD card is not recognized by the TX Box.

A possible problem is the wrong type/size of the SD card.

You can use 1GB micro SD and 2GB micro SD for all TXMETAWS_E.. software.

You can use 4GB micro SDHC and 8GB micro SDHC, however these are only compatible with TXMETAWS_E09 and higher software.

Other size or types are not applicable for the TX-Box.


Other situation is that the data on the SD card is corrupt.

What to do in this situation is :

Copy the content of your SD card and save it on a folder on your PC.

(So you don’t have to reconfigure your settings)

Format the SD card.

Recopy the content from your PC back on the SD card.

Retry to make connection with the TX webpages via your browser (best via Chrome)