How to make a local connection with the TX 


1. Connect the TX network port (picture below) to your computer’s network port by using a CAT5e network cable.

2. Open Local Area Connection. Click on Properties.

Make sure you open Local Area Connection instead of Wireless Network Connection.


3. Highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCPIPv4). Click on Properties.

4. Choose Use the following IP address. Enter for IP address. The Subnet mask and Default gateway should be automatically filled in after the IP address is entered. Click OK

If is already assigned to another adapter, you can choose a different IP address which is in the same subnet with the TX default IP address (e.g. you can try or

The Metacentre TX is assigned a default IP address of What you are doing is to set the IP address of your computer within the same range of the TX’s default IP address.

5. Open an Internet browser (preferably Google Chrome). Type in the TX’s default IP address (

Use the following Name and Password to log in.

Name: admin

Password: pwadmin

This name and password should ONLY be given to people in charge. With admin right, they can change any settings on the TX web pages. 

6. Click on Settings to start programming the TX.

After you’re done with all settings, set the IP address of the TX to a static IP address given by the customer. We recommend doing this step last.

Disconnect the CAT5e network cable from the TX network port and the computer’s network port.

8. Open a browser on the customer’s computer. Type in the static IP address that you just set for the TX and log in.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet in order to load the TX web page at this point.