If you connected multiple VSD compressors on the Metacentre Master ( XC/SX/P4).

The Master controller will only regulated 1 VSD compressor between his max and minimum speed, the other VSD compressor will react as a FIX speed compressor.


Can we now which VSD compressor in the System will regulate and how is this determined?

There are a few possibility, This depends on the compressors and the settings.

Possibility 1 : The system will choose the Nirvana who has priority 1 in the Table menu.

Possibility 2 : If all the compressors have the same priority the system will regulate with the biggest VSD compressor because here the margin is much larger compared to a small VSD compressor.

Possibility 3 : If you have VSD compressors that have the same size. They will exchange with each other with the "sequence interval". (if the sequence interval is activated) The VSD compressor who is the first in the sequence with the letter A will be the compressor who will regulate in the system.The second VSD compressor who has letter B will be treated as a fixed speed compressor.