How to update the software of the Metacentre VSD-box module?

How to update the software of the Metacentre VSD-box module?

This guide can apply to any Metacentre device that contains a S1 or T1 controller. In this example, the guide will specifically explain how to update the software / firmware of a Metacentre VSD-mA box. Using the USB-Nano device and the Flashtool programming software.

The current configurations can be lost by updating the software of any device. Make sure to take note of how the VSD-box parameters are configured before proceeding. 
  1. Obtain a USB-Nano485 serial programmer tool (part number Y07CMD0). See image below. If you don't own one yet, please contact your sales representative.

  2. Install the appropriate drivers for the USB-Nano485 by following this article:
  3. Install the Flashtool software on your PC via the following article:
  4. Open the Flashtool software.
  5. Click 'options' and configure it according to the screenshot below.

  6. Make sure the USB-Nano485 is inserted into one of the USB-ports of your PC.
  7. Navigate to the windows 'Device Manager' to locate which COM port the USB-Nano has been assigned.

  8. Select the proper COM port in Flashtool. If the USB-Nano is detected properly, it will be detected by the software. Compare the screenshot below to the screenshot of Flashtool options above.

    1. Press 'OK' to apply.
  9. In Flashtool, click on the 'File' icon to select the desired software file that you want to use to update the VSD-box with.
    1. Usually, these softwares are shared by the support team.

  10. Your PC is now ready to start the programming. Before we can start, we need to establish a connection to the T1 controller that is part of the VSD-box.
  11. Connect the USB-Nano cable end to the X07 terminal of the T1 controller as per the screenshot below.

    1. Verify that the wire of the USB-Nano device which is labeled with the letter 'A' is connected to 'L1' and letter 'B' is connected to 'L2'.
    2. We are now ready to start programming! Click the 'flash' icon  on the FlashTool software to initiate the programming. 
    3. If the VSD-box (and T1 controller) are turned off, apply the power supply to start programming.
    4. If the VSD-box is already powered on, please remove the power and re-apply it (perform a power cycle).
    5. You should see the following:

    6. When the flash programming process is successfully complete the controller will automatically reset, the new application software will run.
    7. Remove the USB-Nano connection to the T1 controller, and re-connect any previous disconnected terminals / cables / wires.
    8. Verify all parameters and readjust if required.

  1. The computer and T1 controller have not been able to connect. Verify the hardware connections made between the USB-Nano and the controller.
  2. Be sure to perform a power cycle while attempting to initiate the programming.

  1. A COM port has been selected where no USB-Nano tool has been detected. Reverify the selected COM-port.

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